Tuesday, March 28, 2006


8:00 am Starts at five points ......C. Chávez Ave & Lorena in East Los Angeles to Mexico Park (Mission & Main st. in Lincoln Hts.)
!! There will be Conscious Music !!Poetry • Vendors • Food • SpeakersRabia, Son del Centro, Xochisonero, Kache,Mistery Hangup andMuch MoreWill be Transmited Radio Zapata FMFor more info call 626-806-4686/fro@mudp.org: For Vendor information call 323 854-2060 standupporfin@aol.com [bring your own table & chairs]


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Anonymous GLENN HOPKINS said...


What's the occasion? The last was so jolly let's do it again. Westside Greens, Westside Adult School, The Venice Mootney Theatre, Mar Vista Neighborhood, folks from the churches...IMPEACH CHENEY FIRST goes without saying....

Since it's potluck, if three come, there's food. If 30 come, there's food. Don't be shy. Kids welcome. Be there or be square.

Location is our yard and headquarter complex

Glenn Hopkins
Producing Director, The Venice Mootney Theatre

2508 Stoner at Pearl Street between Barrington and Bundy 90064

(Pearl is the 1st Street south of the Bundy and 10 onramp/exit) 90064

(310) 478-7379 the tape will reiterate


Chronological resume for Glenn Hopkins, BS, MFA

60's Member,Evening Star Cartoonists: Corcoran Methodist Church, Executive SecretaryBenjamin Stoddert Jr.H.S Student Council: sole male recipient,Superintendent's Certificate, Member Clinton Methodist Church, NationalSpanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, all-Maryland StudentCouncil Camp, Surrattsville H.S. Student Council President, yearbookstaff, sole male recipient, Superintendent's Certificate,Commendations: Young American, Montgomery Ward; Clinton Lion's Club; Western Maryland College: Dean's List, Class Vice President,GBX Employment: E.B. Osti Concrete, High's Dairy, United PressInternational, (Washington, D.C.) Mutual Broadcasting System, WTTRRadio, (3rd. class Radio Telephone Operator's Permit, dj andcommentary) Church, wedding, and restaurant organist, Counselor and playwright Buck's Rock Creative Work Camp. National Theatre forthe Deaf workshop at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, actor and playwright, English,then Drama Major.

70's ODK ntl. leadership fraternity, Honors Project and B.S.McDaniel College, Accepted MFA Directing program, University ofTexas, Govt. Public Information Certificate, American University, travelin Mexico and first novel, Slim, teacher, newly integrated P.G.County Public Schools, Washington Playwright's Symposium, Actor Cedar Knoll Dinner Theatre, writer and co-producer WETAtelevision, Buck's Rock Work Camp, marriage to Phyllis Goodwin,painter and printmaker; partner, Hopkins Arts and Communications, birthof son Gary Buckminster Hopkins, Director of Education, AmistadVocational School (East Los Angeles); Publicist, Whittier Unitarian Society;Play Director Throop Unitarian Twelfth Night; published,West Coast Writer's Conspiracy, Venice Beachead, Santa Monica EveningOutlook, California Theatre Council Best Plays from the West Coast (Dinosaur,The life-story of a Labor Leader); member Venice Community Playgroup($100,000 grant), Founder Venice Mootney Theatre www.mootney.org, MFA, playwrighting, UCLA, "Aint this it?"&; and NotJob, thesis plays) Instructor L.A. City-SPEDY program fordisadvantaged youth, instructor of English to foreign adults LA unifiedschools; Dramaturg, Children's Hospital special fundraisingplay, member and financial assistance recipient, Dramatist's Guild of America/Dramatists Guild Foundation.

80's Active with Harry Hay and the Radical Faerie movement from the Third International Gathering in the Pecos Wilderness, including the negotiation and purchase of 80 acres of sanctuary in Wolf Creek, Oregon, and publication in the flagship magazine, RFD; Portrayed the radical faerie ethic in Robin Hood with narration by Quentin Crisp, six productions, including KPFK radio and at the Washington Monument for the '87glbt march. Active with the Greens since Davis & Elkins including the push toform Shadow Cabinet www.GreenCabinet.org. Guest lecturer/playwright W. Md. College for the internationalist"COLONY, The First Lunar Colony Salutes the Mother Planet," revived for the Venice Pavilion Revitalization Committee; Organizer, April 14 Rally Against Corporations who Pay No Taxes withRalph Nader groups (including Jazz afternoon and ABC News spot) immediately followed by the first of many IRS audits. Anti-Reagan/CentralAmerican intervention activism including curriculum development andimplementaion with LAUSD Division of Adult and Career Education ("Wilfredo of El Salvador"), The Christic Institute, Congressman Mel Levine, many marches and rallies. The play onthe resulting crack epidemic, White Bread wonDramalogue "Best Play of the Year' and played half a year in threedifferent venues. Organizer, community Geodesic Dome barnraisingconcurrent with the Olympic Games in L.A; outline of Shadow Cabinet concept published in P.S. , The Journal of American Political Science. Spokesperson, L.A. Committeeto Monitor Poppers, successfully spearheading the banning of this mutagenic,carcinogenic recreational disco-drug locally and nationally.

90's - present Chapter Chair, United Teachers,L.A.: WASCaccreditation co-chair; Information Assistant, InformationSpecialist, UTLA; guest commentator "UnitedTeacher." Creation of Websites mentioned above. Founding member and Priorities Survey Convener, Lavender GreensCaucus, member Shadow Cabinet Exploratory Committee, grass-rootssignature collector, California Green Party ballot status, memberWestside Greens, resident artist at nationally recognized "artcolonies" (Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, RagdaleFoundation, Woodstock Guild, Montana Artists Refuge) Other plays: ...all in the same boat, Animal Husbandry. Successful applicant Uniform Complaint Procedure, settlement withLAUSD represented by UTLA. Mark and Barbara Frog, a green musicalrunning March thru June, 2003. Married concert pianist Christina JhunHopkins, '95, daughter Choice, '96, our resident paramour Olger Calle since'99. Methodist Foundation and Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation grants for MEAT (homophobia and genocide in The Bible) Pacificus Foundation Grantfor Mrs. Roosevelt and MEAT. Advisor to the board IDEPSO (day labor centers in L.A. Member, StateGreen InternationalProtocols Committee. Currently interested in The World Court postponed trial ofHenry Kissinger, a reinstatement of FCC rules, a returnof all payments over the $100,000 limit by the FDIC/RTC and the repeal ofcorporate personhood.

";Glenn Hopkins is an American Original. Names like Johnny Appleseed, Woody Guthrie, Will Geer and Walt Whitman come to mind. Hopkins, ike them, marches toa different drummer".... Polly Warfield,

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